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About Limo In Atlanta

There‘s one major difference between Limo In Atlanta and most all of the limousine companies in Atlanta and executive car services in Atlanta – when you call us you’re speaking to the owner and decision maker. We don’t use answering services nor will you have to talk to a staff receptionist that knows very little or none about the inter-workings of a transportation company. We listen to your requests regarding your individual needs and suggest alterations to and/or offer options which can most often save you time and money.

Please give us a call to help plan your next special event and any VIP transportation need. Having been in the limousine business here in Atlanta for almost 30 years we can usually tell you very accurately, either what you‘ve been hearing with previous calls or what you’re going to hear from additional calls. Some 80-90% of the time after listening to our brief overview and explanation of the industry, you will have the information you need to make an educated choice.

We absolutely will do everything to earn your business and continue to earn it everyday. However, if for any reason we can’t be of service on any specific occasion, we will still be happy to speak to you and review any and all questions you may have regarding our company or proposals from others and advise you of the questions you should be asking.

Limo In Atlanta will do everything possible, to earn and keep your business. We offer many incentives that will assist you in making the best decision possible. Furthermore, if anything at all for any reason doesn‘t meet up to our promise and commitment to you; we‘ll make it right. And best of all, we feel confident that once you‘ve given us a chance and experienced the Limo In Atlanta Family; we‘ll be the last inquiry call you need to ever make; because we strive very hard to continually earn your business each and every single experience.


Why do you want to choose us?

  • 30 years of Experince in the Limousine Transportation Industry

  • Licensed by the Georgia Department of Public Saftey

  • Fully Commerically Insured per Georgia State Law & Requirements

  • Licensed by ATL International Airport Ground Transportation Divison

  • 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction

  • Accept all credit cards, cash, checks and offer company accounts

  • Offer special consideration regarding your needs

  • We develop a personal profile for our VIP regular airport clients

  • You can request to assign the same driver for you

  • We offer a Customer VIP Credit/COMP Account

  • Offer planning and suggestions for your event

  • We continue to earn your business everyday

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