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HOLIDAY SEASON around the Corner

Limo In Atlanta would like to “THANK” all of our New Client’s that took advantage of our Summer New Client offers and allowed us the pleasure of serving you.

Additionally, the many referrals that you have made to us have allowed us to reach out to those special friends, family and associates. If you have not set up your “CREDIT’s” account yet please take the time to do so.

Remember, referrals for all of our clients are maintained in their VIP Referral Account and can be redeemed for COMP Limousine / Sedan time or CASH back.

All of your Referral Account can be redeemed for COMPLIMENTARY Limousine or Sedan Service or CASH back at any time.

FALL SPECIAL RATES on ALL Stretch Limousine Charters

Up to 50% discounts for your Holiday needs.


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