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PROM SEASON right around the corner

This March, April and May will be the season for 2016 Junior / Senior Proms and Graduation parties. We understand the importance of making sure your children are safe while celebrating!

Make sure you do your research early and make a decision of your choice; instead of waiting till the last minute and be forced to accept less than you desire and logistically require. We, at Limo In Atlanta have been a Family owned Atlanta business for almost 30 years and stand ready and willing to share with you the most important thing‘s to consider when a transportation company is responsible for your Life‘s most important and cherished cargo.

At LIA, we will not only share with you upfront what to ask and be aware of. Furthermore, you are welcome to call us and ask us any advice if you‘re considering another avenue. And, if it‘s a great deal we‘ll tell you so. No problem, our pleasure. We simply want you and your kids to get what they want and pay for; not taken advantage of by so many illegal, illegitimate Gypsy companies that will inevitably ruin the special event for everyone.

Call us today to inquire about Prom Season and any other Special Event night‘s you are planning.

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